Steve Ralston

Steve Ralston

Web Developer

I'm a web developer.

I have worked in a variety of environments and businesses, which has given me a broad range of experience to bring to the table - PHP/Symfony, C# .NET, Angular, Javascript, Jquery, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Sql, Git and more.

Projects I Have Worked On

Web properties come and go, and such is the case with many apps and sites I've worked on. Then there are others that aren't public. Here are a few projects, though, that are fairly representative of the kind of work I have done.

Agency Work

I have worked with several marketing agencies as web developer and website admin. This has given me a broad range of experience in website development and maintenance (HTML, CSS, Javascript/Jquery, PHP, WordPress, C#, MySql, Photoshop, Cpanel, WHM, SEO, etc.). I have experience with WordPress themes Elementor, Avada, Divi, WP Bakery. and more. Sites I’ve created include:


This was a mature app when I came on board.

I joined the dev team building new features, improving app function and behavior, and fixing customer-identified bugs.

PHP/Symfony, Javascript/JQuery, SQL, Git, PhpStorm, MySql Workbench, command line.

“An integrated, cloud-based case management software, you get one easy-to-manage digital workflow that submits, manages, and tracks your prescriptions so patients get their appliances on time.

  • Manage and track all patient lab, clear aligner, and digital prescriptions, including third party case tracking like Invisalign, SureSmile and Clear Aligner
  • Communicate securely and efficiently with your labs
  • Manage your in-house lab
  • Implement EasyRx 3D to view and base STL files”

This is the flip side of EasyRx Practice, focused on lab’s needs.

PHP/Symfony, Javascript/JQuery, SQL, Git, PhpStorm, MySql Workbench, command line.

“EasyRx is a one-stop-shop for labs, offering comprehensive lab management software, digital workflow, 3D software, and the only fully integrated practice-facing lab prescription platform, closing the gap between labs and practices.

Red Phoenix

I worked mostly on the Angular front end but I did do some work on the C# .NET back end.

Angular, Javascript/JQuery, C# .NET, TFS, using PhpStorm and Visual Studio.

“Better Manage Employees and Office Resources with InControl.

InControl is a web based application that will provide reports on a company’s employees, resources, and callers.”

Red Phoenix makes software for SMB office phone systems. InControl takes data from the office phone switch and created reports useful for call center managers, among other things.

The front-end is Angular, the back-end is C# .NET. I worked on both.

I was hired to build this app, even though the owner knew I didn’t know anything about Lua. He said, “You’re going to be our Lua guy.” So I dug in, learned what I needed, and figured it out.

PhonePro is an embedded app written in Lua that runs on the NEC SV9100 phone switch.

Lua, Javascript/JQuery

” PhonePro is an application that allows a SV9100 phone user to program certain features on their telephone through a web browser. PhonePro queries settings on a SV9100 telephone and can assign new functions to the phone. PhonePro provides a graphical view of their telephone and shows the current settings on their SV9100 digital or IP phone.”

Red Phoenix makes software for SMB office phone systems.

I created the WordPress plugin that creates the pop-up webchat feature.I also created the website, based on an artist’s Figma files.

Javascript/JQuery, PHP, PhpStorm and Notepad++.

“Message My Business!
Communicate with your customers the way they want to with text messaging and web chats!

  • Text enable your existing business telephone number(s)
  • Web chat enable your website with our drop in module
  • Receive customer texts and web chat messages on your mobile phone or computer browser

Salesforce Integration

Created a Salesforce extension which integrated native Salesforce call control features, and contact and call record creation, with the Red Phoenix UC Suite call center software.

C# on the Red Phoenix side.

Plantronics Headset Integration

Created integration that allowed the Savi 430 headset physical controls to control the Red Phoenix UC Suite soft phone features.

All development done in C# .NET.